Parenting the Old-fashioned Way

Here at we're talking about parenting old school in a new age world. It may not be cool anymore, but we actually think that parents and kids are not equals. Parents actually have authority! What a novel concept. Parenting old school is about combining love and discipline in your parenting approach. It's about teaching your children the right way to behave and treat others. Whitney Houston might now be a weirdo, but at one time she so wisely sang, "The children are our future". And we don't do our futures any favors by letting them get their way any time they want. Many parents want to feel like a "friend" to their children. But the reality is that we should always be the parent first. Parents are the authority and should act accordingly. At we don't necessarily believe there are set rules or ways of parenting, however we do believe in this general philosophy. That children need to be raised with loving discipline and boundaries, and that you and your children will be better off in the long run because of it. We want to do our best to help raise upstanding, productive citizens of our future.


There are different types of discipline for different age groups.
For babies birth to 6 months, parents are most likely just trying to stay sane
and keep their children fed and healthy. Studies have shown it virtually impossible to
spoil a young baby. So go ahead, get it out of your system during this time. Then the
fun begins as your child begins to be aware of his or her surroundings and starts
getting into trouble.
From 6 months to 2 years old, there are many discipline issues that come
up and need to be tackled. These include sleep issues (sleeping through the night,
bedtime rituals, actual bathtimes, etc.), eating issues (table etiquette, dealing with
your child at restaurants, what foods they can or cannot have, etc.), and other
behavioral dilemmas like tantrums, learning to obey and recognize authority, and
playing with other children.
From 2 to 5, the authority in the parent/child relationship is solidified, being
your choice where the authority lies, with your child or with the parents.
All of the aforementioned issues are dealt with to a further extent and even more are added on such as potty training, learning to share with
others, and establishing manners when interacting with people (such as please, thank you, etc.)
The next stage is of course, kindergarten through sixth grade, the elementary years. This is when your child truly engages as a
productive member of society. Interacting with, and having possible effects on the lives of others. Parents now start dealing much more with
social dilemmas and/or situations that your child might encounter. These include education, homework, making friends, bullying or being

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bullied, and so on.
The teenage years are quite daunting and a whole new group of discipline issues come along including defiance, boundaries,
curfews and adult expectations.

At we will talk about discipline strategies that support our philosophy of parental authority in a loving yet commanding way. Children need guidance and discipline as they grow into adults and mold the future generations. Hopefully we can help each other to reach that goal with helpful articles, discussions, tips, and strategies.